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Testosterone Cypionate (Test C) Injection

Testosterone Cypionate
PHARMATEST C 200 Ampules
PHARMATEST C 200 Ampules
Testosterone Cypionate

Buy Testosterone Cypionate Injections Online

Testosterone cypionate is a popular injectable anabolic steroid used by athletes and bodybuilders. Also known as depo-testosterone or simply ‘Test Cyp’ or 'Test C', it can help boost muscle growth and strength when used properly. Here’s what you need to know about buying quality test cypionate injections online.

What is Testosterone Cypionate?

Testosterone cypionate is a slow-acting injectable ester with a long half life. It elevates testosterone levels in the body for up to two weeks from a single injection. Chemically, it consists of testosterone bound to the cypionate ester which delays its release into the bloodstream. 

Testosterone C is hugely popular because it’s an affordable way to increase testosterone levels safely and legally (with a prescription). It provides exceptional results in building muscle, burning fat and boosting vitality.

Why Buy Test C?

There are many benefits to using pharmaceutical grade testosterone cypionate:

- Increases muscle size and strength
- Reduces body fat percentage 
- Boosts energy and endurance
- Enhances libido
- Elevates mood, drive and confidence

Testosterone cypionate is considered one of the most versatile anabolic steroids. It can be used solo in testosterone replacement therapy or stacked in bulking and cutting cycles. When used responsibly, it delivers outstanding improvements in physique and performance.

What Results Can You Expect?

Testosterone cypionate carries significant muscle-building and fat-burning effects. Here’s what you can expect from a typical 12 week cycle with 500mg per week:

- Weeks 1-2: Strength and endurance increases. More energy in the gym.
- Weeks 3-4: Noticed increase in muscle size and definition. Weight gain of 5-7lbs.
- Weeks 5-10: Continuing muscle gains of 10-15lbs. Veins start becoming more visible.
- Weeks 10-12: Gains in muscle mass and fat loss are clearly evident. Total weight gain of 15-20lbs. 

With a proper bulking diet and workout program, test cypionate changes the shape of the body by packing on lean muscle mass. Dosages can be adjusted for cutting cycles too.

Order Testosterone Cypionate Online

When searching where to buy test cyp online, there are a few key factors to consider:

- Verified seller - Only buy from reputable sources that supply pharma grade products. 
- Guaranteed delivery - The seller must ship orders worldwide securely and discretely.  
- Fair prices - Make sure you’re not overpaying compared to average market prices.
- Payment options - Look for sites that allow payment via credit card, PayPal etc.

Our online store ticks all those boxes. We supply 100% legitimate testosterone cypionate from brands like Pharmacom Labs. All orders ship worldwide from our warehouses in the USA, UK, Canada and Europe.

Dosage and Injection Guidelines

Test cypionate is available in standard vials containing 200mg/ml or 250mg/ml. Typical dosing guidelines are:

- Beginners - 250-500mg per week
- Intermediate - 500-750mg per week 
- Advanced - 750-1000mg per week

Most users inject twice weekly to maintain stable test levels. Popular injection sites include the glutes, quads and deltoids. Use a 25g 1” needle to inject the oil intramuscularly. 

Sample 12 Week Cycle

Weeks Dosage
1-12 500mg Test C per week
1-4 40mg dianabol daily


Side Effects and Safety

Common side effects of testosterone cypionate include:

- Androgenic effects - acne, hair loss (dependent on genetics)
- High blood pressure
- Cholesterol changes 
- Testosterone suppression  
- Gynecomastia

These can be mitigated by controlling estrogen, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and proper PCT after cycles. Always begin with lower doses to assess tolerance. 

Most Commonly Asked Questions

How long is testosterone C detectable?

It has a long half life of approximately 12 days. Effects can persist for 2-3 months.

Does test cypionate expire?

It’s effective for around 2 years if stored properly before expiring.

Can test C be taken orally?

No, it’s an intramuscular injection only. Oral ingestion is ineffective.

How much water should you inject?

Experts recommend using 2-3ml of water per injection (10ml vial with 250mg).

How long should you cycle test cyp?

12 weeks is recommended for a test cypionate cycle.

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