Вопросы и ответы
Why shall I choose your store?

We are DIRECT store of Pharmacom Labs, we are not resellers. We are manufacturers, we are PHARMACOM LABS! You will find all advantages of ordering in our store here.  Also You can check our status at the official Pharmacom Labs page. Just enter there www.basicstero.ws to see the result.

Which payment options are available in your store?

The most preferable and fastest payment way is cryptocurrency.  We accept bitcoin (BTC), litecoin (LTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), ethereum (ETH), dash (DASH). 

If you pay with cryptoccurency, your orders are confirmed within a few hours, which ensures fastest processing speed.

On top of this you get extra 5% discount if you pay with cryptocurrency. It is as simple as Paypal - here is our tutorial for bitcoin: https://int.basicstero.ws/index/bitcoin

PayPal is currently not available. All questions regarding PayPal will be ignored. About other possible payment options please contact us.

Where do you ship from?

Our only  direct store is  www.basicstero.ws
There are  2 sections on site to chose (in the left-sided menu):

1) https://int.basicstero.ws/products/show

  This section offers products from our Europe-based warehouse. It has 2 shipping locations, which we call warehouse 1 (W1) and warehouse 2 (W2).  By default we ship worldwide from warehouse1 . So, for EU-based customers it will be domestic delivery. For other countries international delivery.  It takes 9-12 days as a rule.

The second shipping location (or W2)  is used as a spare warehouse only in case if some items are missing at warehouse 1. You will receive packages from one of European countries. To reduce possible seizure risks we do not disclose names of countries we ship from. Shipping from W2 takes up to 17-21 days.

2) https://us.basicstero.ws/products/show

This is our US domestic warehouse : delivery from within the USA to any US state.
First class mail shipping (ETA 4-8 days) and Express overnight shipping (for orders over 800$) are available.
Independent on warehouse, we reship your order one time more if it is lost, seized, comes damaged, etc. However, in such case as per conditions you should be ready to provide unpacking video (for damaged or missing items). Without it complains are not accepted.
Seizures are seen as per tracking number, so no evidence is needed as a rule.

What discounts do you provide?

Info about all currently running and permanent discounts can be found in the DISCOUNTS section of our store.

How can I order?

Orders may only be processed through our shop www.basicstero.net via site checkout. If someone is trying to persuade you to place an order via Skype, E-mail, or any other means of communication, they are attempting to scam you. Be alert!

Is payment through PayPal available?

No, now we currently do not accept PayPal. All questions regarding Paypal will be ignored.

How much time does delivery take?

For European-based warehouses:

Warehouse 1:  6 - 12days as a rule

Warehouse 2:  up to 17-21 days

For the USA Domestic warehouse: 2-6 days

Differences in shipping time are not dependent on us, but are due to different factors such as your location, postal service efficiency, custom clearance, etc. Because of these reasons delivery can take longer in particular cases. Please notice, the given times do not include time needed to check your payment. If you pay not by cryptocurrency, it may take a few extra days to pick up your payment.

Do you accept orders per e-mail?

No, we do not accept orders per e-mail. Only via site checkout.

How long does it take to check payment?How can I confirm my payment?

Once you make a payment according to the instructions provided please submit the necessary payment information under your account into Dashboard - Add money section. This information will be processed as fast as possible.

Please note if you pay via money in minutes services, it may take up to several days to check your payment, that is why we always advice using cryptocurrency, which is confirmed much faster.

How much does shipping cost?

For the europe-based warehouse: 20$ flat rate to any country regardless of its location
For the USA Domestic section: 20$ flat rate for standard shipping and 50$ flat rate for express overnight shipping

Is it safe to order through the site? I am afraid someone could steal my personal data!

Do not worry about it. Our site is located at our own secure server. We have own team of programmers and software security specialists. A chance of breaking our site is just negligible. Also after you placed your order and it was proceeded you can delete it from the site in your personal account, thus, your personal info will not be available from the outside.

When do I get tracking number?

For safety reasons we provide tracking numbers ONLY 1 week  after your order is shipped.


Actually there is no need to ask for tracking numbers. We will send your tracking info both to your account and to your email when we are ready.
The fact that you don`t have tracking number does not delay delivery itself. Please be patient. This is yours and our safety!

A while ago I signed up in the international section, but now I need to place an order in the domestic section. Shall I sign up again?

Yes. Our warehouses have different databases, which are independent on each other. If you have already signed up in our international section, our database in the US domestic section can not see it, thus, your credentials for the international section won`t be valid. In fact we have 2 different stores at one site: International (EU-based) and US domestic.

I placed an order but I forgot to submit payment info into Add money section. Will you ship my order?

IMPORTANT: If you haven’t submitted payment info we will not know, that you paid. Your order will be reserved only within 5 days and after this our store deletes it. 

Also please make sure that you submit payment info in the same section of our store, where you have placed your order. If you placed your order in the international section and submitted payment info in the US domestic section, we will transfer funds to your US domestic account.

If for some reason you cannot enter payment info or you submitted it in the wrong section, please contact us!

My order is seized/lost/damaged! Will you reship it?

Yes, we reship your order once again, independent on the warehouse you chose. There should be sufficient reason/evidence for reship. If it is a loss or a seizure, we see it as per tracking number as a rule. However, if your order is lost, but tracking number says it is delivered, you should provide some evidence of not delivered order (loss claim from postal service, etc.).

If you ask for reship of your order, because it came damaged, you should have unpacking video of your package, otherwise complains are not accepted.  On the video should be clearly seen the from side of the package, your name, address. 

Do you deliver to the USA from your international section?

Sure, we do.
International means that your order will be shipped from our warehouse in Europe. It takes longer (10-21 days), but prices are lower compared to US domestic warehouse,. If you need fast delivery you need to choose the US domestic section. In this case your order will be shipped from within the USA. Delivery time 2-6 days.

I paid through Western Union to the name received immediately after i placed my order. Later I checked the payment data and the name changed. Is it ok?

Yes, this is ok. We change names all the time to avoid blocking of our receivers by Western Union. Your payment will be picked up and you don`t need to resend your payment to the new name.

I received my order, but when I opened the package I found that some vials are damaged /missing. What shall I do?

When you have received your package, you are obligated (according to ordering conditions, I.11) to film the unpacking process in the event of any issue or dispute. Without this we shall not be liable for any complaints (missing or damaged items, etc.). 

On the video should be clearly seen the front side of the package, your name, address. 

If you have proofs we reship damaged or missing items for free.

Do you have a minimum order?

We do not have a minimum order. HOWEVER: orders below $350 can be paid by cryptocurrency only.

My order is seized. Can you refund my money?

Acording our ordering conditions (I.5) we do not refund funds in the following cases: 

a) you paid for your order, but changed your mind

b) your order has been seized or lost, damaged, etc.

In this case we will reship it for the second time (but only once!) and in a discreet way to reduce any possible seizure risks.

I made a mistake in the delivery address! Will I get my order?

Please double check the information you submit to us. According to ordering conditions (I.13) we shall not be liable for any non-delivery due to inaccurate information. We can assure you that we accurately forward all necessary information in its entirety to the postal service.

Which e-mail shall I leave in delivery details?

First of all we do not specify your e-mail address at package. Don`t worry.
We need it only to send you order details and tracking info.
Generally you can chose any e-mail address that you have access to. Certain email providers like hushmail, MSN, or Hotmail may mark our e-mails as spam, so always be sure to check your spam folders if a confirmation email or reply is not received.

My international order is sezied. May I get store credit in the domestic section rather than a reship?

No. We pay to our domestic shippers for each item shipped.  If your international order is seized and we would reship it from the domestic warehouse we would not only lose products, but also would have to pay to our shippers and cover shipping costs from our pocket. Sorry, we do not do this. Reshipping always occurs from the warehouse, where the original order was placed from.

What does my order status mean?

1. WAITING FOR PAYMENT is assigned immediately after you place an order. 
2. PAYMENT IS BEING CHECKED is assigned after you submit payment information into your account. 
3. ORDER PROCESSING is assigned after we pick up the payment and have begun its preparation for shipping. Preparation time for international orders can take at most up to 3 days.. 
4. ORDER SHIPPED is assigned as soon as your package is handed over to the shipping company. In a while after that we will give you a tracking number sent to both your email and in your order details here on the site.

Western Union blocked my payment. What shall I do?

Unfortunately such things happen. You can take your money back and resend payment after negotiation with us.
IMPORTANT: Using Western Union and other similar services as payment way you shall use your real name and ID information to be sure you will be able to withdraw your funds in case of any issues. Otherwise we take no responsibility for loss of your funds.