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Stanozolol (Winstrol) - steroid anabolic and androgenic effects – offered in injections (Pharmastan) and pills (Stanos). Winstrol was first released in 1962 by Winthrop Laboratories. Structurally is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone form. Originally used on horses, but after the approval of the FDA - Department for control of medicines and food, and began to be used for sporting purposes. Although stanozolol is a progesterone antagonist, it does not block the progestogenic effect of nandrolone. Injectable Winstrol features oil and water base solutions available, unlike most steroids. Talking about Winstrol tablets, the active ingredient is not degraded during passage through the liver and has high bioavailability. The presence of the alkyl group in the alpha position 17 Stanozolol causes a toxic effect on the liver. In addition to this side effect, steroid has rare probability of side effects and is frequently used by women.

Stanozolol steroid profile 

• anabolic effect - 320% of testosterone. 
• androgenic effect - 30% of the testosterone. 
• Aromatization - absent. 
• Form release stanozolol - vial (injection) and tablets. 
• The level of liver damage - moderate, regardless of the form of the steroid. 
• Duration - up to 8 hours. 
• The detection of doping control - up to 360 days. 
Use of Winstrol by competing athletes is practically impossible. The newest methods of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry can detect traces of the use of Stanozolol, even a year after completing the cycle. 

Action of Winstrol 

• Increased muscle relief. Stanozolol is quite specific anabolic steroid. It practically does not cause muscle volume growth, but at the same time gives the body a great relief, greatly enhances vascularity and contributes to the reduction of body fat. 
• Elimination of accumulated fluid. Winstrol is effective after AAS cycles to eliminate excessive fluid from the cells. 
• Increased appetite. 
• Reducing binding globulin sex hormone (improving the efficiency of the reception and other anabolic androgenic steroids). 
• Anti-progestin and anti-estrogenic effects 
• Increased power performance and endurance.

Solo stanozolol cycle

Winstrol solo cycle is most often used for cutting to obtain lean muscles. The most noticeable effect show athletes with moderate fat and sufficient body weight. Recommended dosage of injectable stanolozolol (Pharmastan in ampoules) - 50 milligrams daily, in case of pills - 30 mg. When used by representatives of sports-oriented endurance (eg, athletes, or boxers), it will be enough to use 10-20 milligrams. Winstrol solo cycle lasts about 5-8 weeks. Before taking steroids is best to pass a medical examination and consult with a specialist. Upon completion of the reception of stanozolol, it is recommended to perform PCT in order to normalize the hormone balance of the body.

Winstrol combo cycles

To increase the effect, as well to minimize the risk of adverse reactions, thr combination with other steroids is possible. For example, methandrostenolone, Anadrol or testosterone (with stronger androgens). Pharmastan serves as a stabilizer reducing the negative effects and strengthening the anabolic effect. Combo cycles with Pharmastan or Stanos has one main rule: the total weekly volume of AAC should not exceed 500 milligrams (for amateurs).

Side effects of Stanozolol
Stanozolol is one of the safest steroids, and often used by women. It shows no estrogenic activity, and athletes do not face edema and gynecomastia. But it still dries ligaments. If you apply it mindlessly, greatly increasing training loads, it can lead to the rupture of tendons and ligaments. This risk can be minimized by taking additional suplements. The second most frequent side effect is the increase of blood pressure. It is also possible to increase the level of cholesterol, and some androgenic effects: suppression of endogenous testosterone, acne, hair loss. To eliminate the toxic effects on the liver, the hepatoprotectors are used. Side effects of Stanozolol are infrequent, and if all of the provisions that give instruction on the application, you can use the gear with almost complete security. 

Pharmastan Reviews
 The vast majority of users admit good fat-burning effect. Reviews of Pharmastan and Stanos describe the drug as an excellent mean for cutting cycle. Stanozolol is used almost by all bodybuilders, it can be found very often in the arsenal of athletes. Highly appreciated its ability to increase strength and endurance performance without affecting muscle mass. Reviews of anabolic steroid highlight the effectiveness of AAS for beginners. Nevertheless, Stanozolol combines well with a number of anabolic and androgenic steroids.