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PHARMABOL 100 Ampules
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Methandrostenolone (Pharmabol) - anabolic and androgenic steroid, which appeared on the market more than 50 years ago - in the beginning of the 60s of the last century. Also known under the trade names Methandienone, Dianabol, Naposim, Nerobolum, DBOL, Danabol. Initially, methane pills had exclusively medical use - for stimulation of regenerative processes, treatment of burns and raising the of the general muscle tone. Methandrostenolone is applicable for muscle gain, but as any other steroid has many other useful related properties. 

Methandienone steroid profile 

• Anabolic activity - 200% of testosterone. 
• Androgenic Activity - 50% of the testosterone. 
• Aromatization - low. 
• Hepatotoxicity - moderate. 
• Release form - injections and pills. 
• Action period - up to 8 hours. 
• Doping control detection period- up to 3 months.

Action of dianabol

• Sgnificant muscle growth. The effect is caused by the activation of protein synthesis. Much of the weight is linkedwith water retention. Without the use of appropriate pharmacological agents rollback phenomena is frequiently observed.
• Increase of power indicators.
• Fat-burning effects (with proper diet and regimen of methane).
• Strengthen the joints.
• Increase appetite.

Solo D-bol cycle

Methane for muscle growth is not recommended to use by minors and athletes who have contraindications (eg, liver damage, cardiovascular system, high blood pressure, prostatic hypertrophy, etc.). Safe dosage oral of oral dianabol is about 30 mg. Tablets are divided into 2-3 equal reception, after a meal. This avoids the hormonal surges. Analogs in the form of injection provide high dosage, but the duration of the steroid cycle should not exceed 6 weeks. A week after from the beginning of reception of dianabol in order to reduce the estrogenic effect, aromatase inhibitors are recomended. They help to eliminate swelling and fluid retention. PCT after methane should be started around 3 days after the completion of the cycle, and is usually performed by using tamoxifen in a dosages of 20 milligrams during 2-4 weeks (continuously reducing the dosage). To normalize the level of endogenous test, testosterone boosters can be used. The main thing - to constantly monitor physiological parameters, to make appropriate adjustments.

Dianabol combo cycle

Dianabol solo use has a lot of negative points, so it is often used in combo steroid cycles. Do not combine a steroid with AAS, which have effects on the liver. To increase muscle mass, it is recommended to take methandrostenolone in combination with testosterone, Primobolan, Sustanon, Nandrolone and Trenbolone. The golden rule in combinations with Dianabol cycle - adding at least one drug on the basis of testosterone. There are also some non-traditional regimens of methane for muscle growth as intermittent and interval. The first alleged prevent negative effects on the secretion of testosterone and the second eliminates the addiction to the active substance and the damage to the liver. In fact, both schemes do not work, being a fiction. Dianabol is not suitable for "bridges" between cycles.

Side effects of Danabol
Following the Instructions for use of Danabol - the basic rule of adverse reactions prevention. You should carefully examine the dosage regimen to determine the dosage and duration of the steroid cycle before its start. A common side effect of methane in tablets or injections are gynecomastia that arises as a result of the conversion of the active substance into estrogen. To prevent this side effect when taking methandienone, the aromatase inhibitors are used. Toxicity to the liver due to the methyl group in the 17-alpha position can be compensated by effective Flamen Bile and some other drugs. Methandrostenolone also contributes to over-hydration: cells retain an excessive amount of water, and at the end of the cycle water “flushes out”, what leads to the notorious rollback phenomenon (can be prevented by taking aromatase inhibitors).

Methandrostenolone cycle reviews
The most critic reviews of methandrostenolone in bodybuilding are based on rollback phenomena. According to the athletes’ experience, this really has to be. Not everyone is able to minimize the weight loss after the end of the cycle. Gain weight can be caused by major water retention, but also there a lot of athletes who used the steroid with high efficiency and gained significant amount of lean muscle. A lot depends on the company's pharmaceutical products quality. Judging by the reviews of methandienone, greates confidence have Pharmacomlabs steroids. Reviews of methane talk about it a great efficiency in combo cycles. In general, Methandrostenolone is a classic, world famous steroid, which over time does not lose its popularity.