We have 3 warehouses on your choice:

W1 - International warehouse with direct shipping around the world. The safest and fastest way to the U.S., to the EU countries is possible through the country for European transit. Delivery takes up to 10-20 days on average depending on the destination country. Free shipping in case of confiscation, loss, damage, etc. (no PROMO goods!)

W2 - US domestic warehouse. Shipping from within the USA for any customers from the USA. Zero risks, no customs, fastest processing. Free reshipping in case of losses, damaged items, etc.

W3 - EU-domestic warehouse. Fast and safe shipping within EU. Close to zero seizure risk. Free reshipping in case of seizures,losses, damaged items, etc. Shipping takes 6-12 days depending on destination country. This warehouse does not currently ship to any other countries outside EU.

W1 - IN STOCK $100.00
W2 - IN STOCK $150.00
W3 - OUT OF STOCK $150.00
PHARMAHEN 50 Ampules
W1 - IN STOCK $120.00
W2 - OUT OF STOCK $120.00
W3 - OUT OF STOCK $120.00